Enactus UNSW

We are



A diverse community of entrepreneurial leaders who create and implement solutions to improve society.

Our goal is to enable progress through entrepreneurial action and social impact projects.

We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all

Social entrepreneurship projects at Enactus:

Fortunate Food Co. jar of tomato chutney

Fortunate Food Co.

We save imperfect produce from Australian landfills and transform them into delicious edible products. Striving to encourage sustainable consumption.

ASEI (African STEM Education Initiative) logo

African STEM Education Initiative

To provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth to learn practical STEM skills to help create change and innovation in their communities in Fort Portal, Uganda.

... and many more!

Enactus UNSW Nationals 2021 Working Groups
Enactus UNSW Nationals 2021 Working Groups
Enactus UNSW Nationals 2021 Working Groups

What do you enjoy most about your role at Enactus?

"Being able to work with my team to improve the way we operate and analyse strategic opportunities for the long-term. Specifically for my position, I love being involved in all aspects of Enactus, doing a lot of problem solving and high-level critical thinking and inspiring members to care about Enactus as much as I do. What I love to see the most is when our members are having a great experience seeing their hard work pay off and making new friends."
Branden Lee
Enactus President 2021
Enactus UNSW 2021 subcommittee and directors induction team photo