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What teams can I join at Enactus?

Within Enactus UNSW, you can be involved with either our Project or Operations team. We have five active projects – some are ideating and validating, some are close to finalising prototypes whilst others are already selling products.

Our Operations teams work closely with our project teams to support and grow their impact.

Enactus UNSW 2021 STEER Executives team photo: Branden Lee, Roshini Palani, Helen Park, Samantha Yun, Yuta Ito, Stanley Zhao, Annette Choi


Create and facilitate opportunities for students to develop their professional and personal skills.

Human Resources

Focused on empowering Enactus members to enrich their experience within Enactus UNSW.


Manage Enactus UNSW’s digital strategy such as our website and internal platforms.


Responsible for the strategic growth of the Enactus UNSW brand and events.


Seek sponsorship and grant opportunities whilst working to expand the Enactus UNSW network.


Responsible for the everyday financial health and budgeting activities at Enactus UNSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who develop practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to combat real social issues! While they can emerge from any practice or background, all social entrepreneurs grow the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices.

Join Enactus UNSW! Together with the help of our mentors, you will be able to learn and go through all the stages of developing a social enterprise, from the ground up.

Each team in Enactus requires a minimum of 6 hours of commitment, and regular weekly meeting attendance.

Not at all! We will provide you with the tools and opportunities to learn as you go.

Our recruitment drive officially opens at the start of every semester. However, opportunities to join teams within Enactus may pop up during the semester so stay on the look out! (Tip: follow us on social media to ensure you are the first to be notified!)

First, we operate in the social entrepreneurship space. This is a unique niche market that makes adds tremendous value and purpose to what we do. Second, we are all about cross-collaboration. Being in a Core Team doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to social impact! All of our teams work closely together as a cohesive unit, meaning that no matter what team you are a part of, your insights are valued and can contribute to project progress. This means your experience with us will be above and beyond what you can expect from any other student society. Third, Enactus is an international organization in 36 different countries. This means we have the support of a global network, and access to a range of industry mentors who can help you on your journey. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to sign up for one of our operations teams at the next recruitment drive!

We welcome all students from all faculties – and really encourage those from more diverse degrees to join. We believe having a wide range of skills and knowledge enables us to approach social issues from different angles, and achieve more sustainable results. Engineering or social science, medicine or design – if you are passionate about making a difference, we would love for you to join our mission!

Definitely. Social entrepreneurship has no age limit or restriction – all are welcome!