Operations teams

Events members create and facilitate opportunities for professional and personal development. They create events that engage the wider community and inspire social entrepreneurship. This provides ample opportunity to develop organisational skills, as well as the ability to liaise with internal and external partners. Enactus UNSW events aim to leave a lasting impact for students from all faculties

Fundraising members are responsible for the day to day financial sustainability of Enactus UNSW as well as exploring revenue-generating projects to support our project teams. They communicate with internal and external partners to acquire grants and run fundraising events throughout the year.

HR members understand and empathise with the needs of our members and enrich their experience within Enactus UNSW. This requires a balancing of the needs and wants of the organisation with its members. In doing so, HR creates learning and development opportunities, while building a culture that acknowledges and celebrates success.

IT members design, implement and maintain Enactus UNSW’s digital strategy. This includes our main website, websites for our project teams, databases, social media networks, as well as Google Suite. Members work to provide a streamlined and functional online platform for communication and the exchange of ideas. Members are able to enhance their technical skill, expand their knowledge of the digital space, and implement new and emerging technologies.

Marketing & Communications members are responsible for the strategic growth of the Enactus UNSW brand on a local, national and global scale. Members work to find the best Enactus has to offer and showcase it to the general public. Their mission is to make Enactus the hub of social entrepreneurship for all faculties, and inspire the masses through innovative marketing methods. This requires key insight into the strengths and opportunities of the society, as well as each project team. The marketing team is also responsible for facilitating communication across the society through regular project updates.

Partnerships members actively seek sponsorship and grant opportunities whilst working to expand the Enactus UNSW network. Members are also required to maintain and nurture existing partnerships. This provides ample opportunity for personal and professional development, particularly by enhancing communication, negotiation and networking skills.