Enactus UNSW

African STEM

Education Initiative

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth to learn practical STEM skills to help create change and innovation in Fort Portal, Uganda.

An international collaboration with students in Uganda, we focus around the lack of STEM education available within Uganda in an increasingly technology-dependent world.

The African STEM Education Initiative aims to upskill young people in areas such as nanotechnology, robotics, programming and more to equip them with employable skills and empower them to tackle Uganda’s social issues and create a long-term social impact.

ASEI Coding Program testimonial: Gulu Ramathan

Our Progress

We are looking to pilot our first curriculum in Fort Portal and establish the beginning of a MakerSpace for students.
The ASEI team developed a targeted crowdfunding campaign to fund the pilot of a Coding Curriculum to be trialed in local high schools and establish the beginning of a MakerSpace. In Australia and Uganda, we aim to create a close-knit community and expand curriculum offerings. The first campaign is to be released soon in 2021.