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The elderly


Our Mission

The Elderly Project aims to create a project which benefits the elderly community in a way that doesn’t currently exist.

In a nation with an ageing population and increasing media attention given to the way in which elderly people live, we hope to ease this struggle.

Elderly Project began as Bean Co, before moving into a long research and ideation stage and finally settling on the pill box. Ultimately, we decided to pivot away from the pill box in late 2019 after initial prototyping. This was due to difficulties in the design stage and struggling to find a viable product.

Our Progress

We are currently prototyping for our new initiative of creating a language exchange.

In 2020, our projects were in our validation stage and we explored issues facing the elderly community such as mobility, lack of social engagement, transport, etc.

The language exchange aims to provide youth with opportunities to learn more about their culture and learn a language from those in the elderly community. In turn, we will bridge an inter-generational gap whilst empowering elderly communities with people of non-English speaking and culturally diverse populations.