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Food Co.

Our Mission

To help reduce food wastage in Australia by repurposing off-spec and surplus produce for products like our signature tomato chutney.

Our humble beginnings began in 2015, with a passion to fight food waste guiding our journey. Over 7.3 billion kilos of fruits and vegetables are discarded each year in just Australia alone, and we wanted to help make a change. By repurposing off-spec and over-supplied produce into our products like our vegan tomato chutney, we provide our community a viable way to take action!

Furthermore, it’s beyond saving food and resources. When food arrives at a landfill, it’s comparable to suffocating food inside a plastic bag. Nutrients in the food will never return to the soil and methane gas is produced from the rotting food, about 25 to 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

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Our Progress

Fortunate Food Co. are currently in the validation of the new pumpkin spread and scaling our signature tomato chutney.

We are currently working towards the pilot launch of our new pumpkin spread. Apart from this, we are also in the process of upscaling our tomato chutney sales and increasing our digital presence on social media.

Additionally, we have partnered with “Our Big Kitchen” which is an industrial community kitchen that helps with the manufacture of our products through the help of wonderful volunteers.

Fortunate Food Co. team photo: Alison, Aravind, Emily, Jonathan, Navid, Nimisha, Ronald, Samuel, Sonia, Yamunaputri