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Our Mission

QuickSan aims to assist the health crisis by partnering with Intechchemicals to design and manufacture smart hand sanitiser dispensers that are more efficient.

As our global communities continue their battle with COVID-19, its highly virulent nature and speed of infection creates the urgent need for protective equipment and cleaning products. The World Health Organisation forecasts a further demand for 2.9 million litres of hand sanitiser in the coming months.

To flatten the curve, our IoT design leverages the smart delivery and maintenance of hand sanitiser to ensure strong hygiene for frontline medical staff and also public spaces.

QuickSan hand sanitiser dispensor design sketches

Our Progress

The QuickSan project has completed and is currently in the process of exiting after successfully prototyping their innovative designs for hand sanitiser dispensers.

Over the past 3 months, our team of 9 students, alongside our Faculty Advisor Selena Griffith, have been hard at work to develop the first prototype of the Smart Dispenser and its IoT features in response to COVID-19.

QuickSan has also been awarded a $1000 grant from The Awesome Foundation to assist our project in our fight against COVID-19. This achievement has supported the QuickSan team tremendously, especially its intense prototype stages.

Product features of QuickSan hand sanitiser dispensors